Article 1 - Introduction


MARINA DI STINTINO COMPANY 'CONSORTIUM A.R.L. with registered office at Via Scirocco in Stintino 1 CF and P.I. 02058560901, Right determination n ° 57 of 20/06/2012 has been in foster care by the Municipality of Stintino the compendium port named "Marina di Stintino or New Port" until 31/12/2015.


Article 2 - Scope of the Rules


This Regulation lays down the rules for the operation and use of the Marina di Stintino.


Article 3 - Abiding by the Rules


 The Marina di Stintino offers mooring equipment (bridges, electrical and water supplies if allowed, technical services port, mooring assistance and the unmooring, etc..) And the User, as well as seen to accept them and like them, ensures to use them as seen, solely for your own boat or vessel in the manner and time specified in this contract that the User acknowledges and accepts, and according to the instructions of those involved in Marina di Stintino.

The User declares to have read the Internal Regulations of the Port of Stintino and to accept and approve it in its entirety without exclusion, condition and reserve.

The same shall also be required to comply with the legislation on customs, police, health and environmental protection, as well as any other rules still apply.

The Regulations apply to all those who in any way use moorings, docks, goods and public maritime infrastructure in the areas that fall above or that render their work in the port.


Article 4 - Department of the Navy


 The management of the landing is supervised by a Manager, having its registered within the landing itself, assisted by employees from Marina di Stintino.

Without prejudice to the powers of the Maritime Security, the Company has the duty to ensure that in landing they meet the provisions of these Regulations.

The areas of water management in foster care and any machinery, equipment or service at the dock are attributable to the Marina di Stintino.


Article 5 - Port services


 The Company provides pleasure craft, the following services:

a) Assistance to the mooring and unmooring;

b) Cleaning the stretch of water harbor and docks entrusted;

c) Maintenance of facilities, furnishings and works entrusted;

d) Service on VHF channel 09;

e) Reception in English, French, German, Spanish;

f) station for vacuum suction sewage and bilge;

g) Technical Support Off-shore;

h) Shuttle service ;

i) Supply of drinking water;

j) Rent a Car, Motorcycle, Bike

k) Yacht Charter

l) Provision of electricity;

m) Service wi-fi;

n) slipway for small boats;

o) surveillance;

p) Lighting dock;

q) Supervision;

r) Fire-Fighting Service

s) Weather;

t) Toilets and showers;

u) Car;

v) Ecological island for the collection of waste;

w) Bar with sale of ice;

x) Laundry service with pick up at the marina;

y) Florist;

z) Charter;

The Marina di Stintino is not liable for failure or inadequate electricity supply when the cause is due to a malfunction of Enel power plants.

The use of water is allowed for the time strictly necessary to refill the tanks and for washing the boat, using only biodegradable products.

The Marina di Stintino is not liable for non-supply of water for reasons attributable to drought or malfunction of the facilities.


Article 6 - Number of berths


 The users will have to moor in the spaces assigned according to the instructions of the staff of the Marina.

The User acknowledges to Marina di Stintino may provide temporarily assigned to the berth, all the times that it does not use it for any reason.

In no event shall the User be entitled to assign the berth or seek a refund for the period of non-use.

The User is obliged to request the Marina di Stintino special authorization to establish and / or to haul your boat.

The user who shed the winter your own boat or applying for enforcement of towing, launching or work on the ground ensures that the same has been placed in a position of disarmament and security, removing any object that can be subtracted.

The berth allocated may not be alienated by the User, leased or otherwise transferred to third parties for any reason.

The User is responsible for the failure will expire immediately from the enjoyment of the same berth, with a charge for damage to persons or property caused as a result of such behavior.

Is prohibited, except in cases of force majeure, to draw down the anchors. You should only use the mooring equipment and is responsible for any damage caused to them.

The user is also responsible for mooring line to the sea and at the dock.

Each user is responsible for mooring the unit in question; recreational craft should be fully armed and equipped during the entire period of stay in Porto, the staff of crew must be constantly available and ready to go.

The berths are assigned to recreational craft divided into several categories depending on their length and width and for the duration of one or more days.

Recreational craft can not take water spaces located outside the limits of the concession.

All units that use the landing must be perfectly efficient in terms of navigability and safety so as not to pose a hazard to themselves and nearby units.

The Management of the Port may in any event at its sole discretion decide the movement of units, if needed.


Article 7 - Destination of the moorings


 The pleasure craft who wish to moor at the Marina will have to make a regular booking on the forms.

Those in charge of the unit are required to report at the office of the Company in possession of the documents of the unit within one hour and in any case within 19 hours in order to complete the formalities of arrival and get the enjoyment of port services required, subject to the signing of application and payment of fees. The Management provides the registration of the units.


Article 8 - Hours and handling the unit


a) The Directors may decide at any moment the movement and the movement of one or more units in its sole discretion. The commander of the unit will provide immediate cooperation by carrying out the instructions given by the Management.

b) Opening of arrivals can arrive daily from 06.00 to 20.00 for arrivals later than the time specified maximum submit a request to the Navy for authorization, if any.

c) All the operations carried out within the expanse of water, in reliance on the Marina di Stintino, must be made in full compliance with the provisions of the Regulations and maritime management Porto Marina di Stintino.

d) The User is obliged to inform the Marina di Stintino of all absences from the port of your boat for periods longer than 24 hours or within the next 21:00 of the same day.

e) Temporary Stops: E 'permitted, subject to space availability and management approval, the temporary stop on the floating dock (the outside), in respect of which the fee will be applied.

9 - Maritime Traffic

 The units in navigation within the port must comply with the provisions described on the existing Port Security Regulations issued by the Maritime Authority while maintaining a speed not exceeding three knots; however their conduct must be compatible with the measures of prudence and safety measures to prevent situations of danger or damage to third parties and to the harbor.

10 - Port services

 No service can be performed by external personnel on pleasure craft in the areas under concession, without the prior permission of the management of the Port.

11 - Anti-pollution and Fire

In the unfortunate case of discharge of hydrocarbons at sea or on the wharves, the head of fact must take all of the most appropriate measures to contain and limit the damage and must immediately notify the employees of the Marina di Stintino.

You may not emptying of liquid pollutants, debris, waste and all kinds of objects under both the expanse of water, both of piers and docks.

In the event of a fire on board a vessel, and the crew of the same and is one of the nearby boats, they must do everything possible against the fire warning, at the same time, the competent authorities.

Expenditure relating to operations as a result of fire, in addition to any compensation for damages caused to third parties and to the furnishings and works of the piers, are the sole responsibility of the User Manager.

Before starting the motor of gasoline engines must be provided to ventilate the engine compartment.

The compartments on board containing liquid gas cylinders must be adequately ventilated.

The generators can be kept in operation only during daylight hours, and provided that the same cause low noise and fumes.

Navy personnel may at any time request the shutdown of generators.


Article 12 - Liability and fire hazards


The user expressly assumes the obligation of care of the berth assigned and compliance with the "Standards for the use of the boat mooring place" and the "Management Regulations of the Marina di Stintino."

The User declares that the boat is covered by an insurance policy for civil liability towards third parties, including any damage caused to other vessels, equipment and facilities of the landing.

The Marina di Stintino is not responsible for damage caused by third parties to those who use the berths.

The Marina di Stintino undertakes no obligation to retain the boat or vessel and is not responsible for any theft or loss of objects or subtract values at the expense of the User.

The User is responsible for the safety of your vessel and the way in which it is moored.

User is obliged to protect your boat with suitable and sufficient fenders, with coil springs and stainless steel mooring lines.

All units that dock must be in perfect working order to ensure the safety of the station, as well as be in compliance with the rules issued by the competent authority.

In this regard, it is excluded from any liability of Marina di Stintino and its agents.

The user who leaves his boat in berth assigned, must ensure that the tops of deductions must be in good condition and fit for use.

Any damage will fall exclusively on the User and may not be charged to Marina di Stintino.

At the request of the Executive Board, the User must produce the insurance policy and the libretto of his unit.


Article 13 - Prohibitions


 Without prejudice to the legal prohibitions listed on Port Regulations issued by the Maritime Authority and the Code of Navigation, in the whole area of the concession is prohibited:

Employ divers who are not authorized by management and for any work and for both occasional interventions such as fetching objects on the seabed, tops in the propeller, etc..;

Use beeps except for reasons of safety;

Keep any behavior that might disturb the peace of others (radio and / or television and / or turntable at high volume, shouting, etc.)..


Article 14 - Sanctions


The services provided by Marina di Stintino are conditioned to custody indicated in the preamble and in the case of revocation or suspension of the same for any reason, this contract will be terminated without the parties have nothing to expect each other.

Any breach of the rules laid down in this Regulation to cause harm to others, moored to the unit and to things and plants in general, creates an immediate obligation for compensation from the responsible party.

Jurisdiction for disputes is to Sassari.


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